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US Rebates in May?

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$200 gift from Canon
A reader sent some information they overheard about new rebates coming in May.

Apparently a retailer knocked $200 off of a 50D & Lens purchase because they knew the rebates were coming.

Sounds like a dealer rebate.

thanks Steven


28 responses to “US Rebates in May?”

  1. Again as a dealer I AGREEE 100%!!!!! A major crock and thorn in my side! They only let us make 10% profit margin at full MAP (minimum advertised pricing) price. Thats the real world prices that don’t seem to deviate at all from store to store.
    example. RebelXSI 18-55 kit, MAP $799, net $704. I know really making a killing here aren’t I? Why I love this business I can’t answer. Clearly not the money. Guess I just love that everyday is like Christmas and it brings new boxes of toys I get to play with and borrow before other people :)

    The instant rebates for the dealer really suck the same as they do for the consumers except that when you buy whatever it is half the time after the rebate is subtracted from the price we are actually BELOW the cost! (litteraly losing money on every transaction, till the check comes in, oh and paying up front mind you!)
    We get the money back, but again takes 6-10 weeks. Just like on the consumer side. I love it that it does help sell, consumers love it but ultimately I need to make a small profit somewhere down the line. And if an employee lets it go out the door with out doing all the necesary paper work, we’re screwed! no getting the money no matter what!
    Example, I just got 2 weeks ago my check from the program that ran through Christmas. WTF! Oh and I’m lacking $500 worth of rebates. No funny business, thats my money! I held up my side but because of some paperwork snafu, “reminds me of the movie Office Space” I most likey sold several items under my cost before expenses ie, credit card processing, employee wages, oh and the overhead of having an actual brick and mortar store. And I’ll never recoup it. ughhh now I’m really depressed!
    Sorry for the rant, but I hope I didn’t fall on deaf ears here. Everything I said is true and obviously heart felt. Have a great day everyone!

  2. The 5DMKII can be had for less than the common price of $2,799. I bought mine this weekend at a store event featuring Canon Professional Services and Canon representatives. Retail price = $2,500.

  3. The price for the canon 24-70 2.8L also jumped $150 in the last few days. Therefore bringing the rebates in a couple of weekes will bring the price back to where it originally was… hmmmmm
    Suprise us canon.

  4. lol, look at the “amazonians” the dealers raised the price to $2,849.99. So much for rebates..

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