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Video with any Liveview EOS Camera

Looks to be working
This was emailed to me by a reader

Writing video from EOS cameras with liveview

Original post in russian

Program here

Connect camera to computer with USB, run program, press “write” button. Check out.avi in program folder


I don’t have the time to try this out. If anyone else gets this going, please post the video to youtube and send me the link.

thanks for the links viv


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  1. For everyone wondering about the fps differences, my guess is probably the data transfer speed from camera to the HDD thru a USB cable …. just my guess though ….

  2. And going thru the replies, sounds like the program just records the video from the input stream …. though anyone could write a simple program for this, its the quality of the video that matters …. im planning to check it out today ….

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