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Warren Richardson and His EOS 5D Mark II Win World Press Photo of the Year

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It’s a constant struggle for a lot of photographers, do you need the latest and greatest gear to get great images. We know the answer, yet a lot of us continue to ask it and ignore the universally known answer.

Warren Richardson, an Australian freelance photographer won the World Press Photo of the year using “ordinary” gear.

On the winning image, he commented: “The refugee story was fast moving all the time; you had to be in the zone and there was no let up. I just had a straight 24mm lens on my EOS 5D Mark II and I used my body as a tripod as it was so dark and the shutter speed (1/5sec) was so low. I only use three primes: a 14mm, 24mm and a 40mm. That’s it. I don’t believe in taking monster cameras and lenses on assignment. I need to move with the subject; that’s how I work.”

You can read the full article over at CPN Europe

He did win the brand new EOS-1D X Mark II, will he sell it to get another 5D Mark II and a nice week away?

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