Date [CR5]
I'm going to go ahead and CR5 the announcement date from Canon. It'll be February 17-18, 2009.

What's Coming [CR2]
From a different source, I'm told to expect announcements to be for compact cameras and not lenses or dSLR's.

The source says to expect a camera on par with the Panasonic TZ7. If true, expect it to be a CMOS based camera with HD video.

I wouldn't be shocked if no dSLR is announced. I kind of expect the 500D to be announced either later in the spring or in the fall.

As for lenses, there will be lenses announced, availability may be far into the future however.


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  1. Did you miss the IS part of the new 50L request?? Doubt it’d be only a $100 premium though.

  2. 5D mark II has increased the safty shutter speed requirement
    i find i can only got sharp photo at 1/100 and above

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