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The EOS 1D X caught a lot of people off guard, and shows a dynamic shift in Canon's EOS product line. There are surely some really exciting and more than evolutionary products in the pipeline from Canon.

November 3, 2011 (No Rating)
I'm still pretty convinced that the November 3, 2011 announcement in Hollywood will be in regards to a video camera or two. One of them will NOT be the 5D Mark III.

The basic breakdown of what I've been told so far.

  • Possibly 2 cameras
  • EF & PL Mount
  • Super35mm Sensor
  • One could be EOS branded
  • A 30-300 lens.
  • Possibly 3 lenses in total.

I'm told whatever launches may not be a 4K camera, but will become a 4K camera down the line.

No CR rating on any of this stuff. Partially due to ignorance and new sources passing on information.

October 26, 2011
The PDN show is in New York City next week, and there is an event scheduled for October 26, 2011.

One thing that will be possibly introduced is the Canon Pro-1 printer. A 12 colour A3+ printer.

I do not expect any other EOS camera to be announced. The 1D X deserves the spotlight it's going to get next week.

Lenses (No Rating)
The always difficult to predict lens announcements. I think (not know) we'll be seeing a lens or two announced within the next month. Whether it's next week or not I don't know.

Only 2 lenses have been mentioned as being “announced” soon.

5D Mark III
Canon may have amalgamated the 1D line, however I think a split of the 5D line is a possibility. I have been told that has been discussed and put into practice with prototypes. I don't expect any announcement of such a camera(s) until well into 2012. That could obviously change.

1Ds Mark III Studio Replacement?
We were told ages ago that the 1Ds Mark III replacement would be a massive departure. The dates haven't come to fruition, but the big megapixel Nikon has, as well as the 1Ds being eaten up by the 1D X.

I'll do a breakdown of the new 1D X shortly. I hope to head to NYC next week to check it out in person.


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