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Why aren’t there more Canon EOS R5 leaks?

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Update 2: Here’s another leak, it never fails. The development announcement will be tonight (EST)

Update: I have heard from a few people since this post, and apparently Canon Rumors has caused some stress at a few Canon subsidiaries. One person did tell us that the rumored Canon EOS R5 specifications are very close to 100% correct, but a few things are off. I did receive further confirmation that 8K is there though.

We should hear more tonight/tomorrow.

It’s been about two weeks since the flurry of Canon EOS R5 leaks hit Canon Rumors and spread pretty quickly across the photography world, and since that time, there hasn’t been much more to add to the rumored specifications.

February 13, 2020 was the rumored announcement date for the Canon EOS R5, but since we haven’t seen any leaked product photos, it’s likely the EOS R5 is either getting a development announcement or won’t be announced alongside the new Canon EOS Rebel T8i and RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM Macro, which will likely happen tonight.

If anyone can offer some clarity on an announcement date for the Canon EOS R5, please pass it on.

A very good source told us that the Canon EOS R5 would launch in July of 2020, which would make a development announcement more likely if it does indeed get announced ahead of CP+.

We do know that Canon has shown dealers the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6, along with a few new lenses for the system. Which tells us an announcement is coming soon.

I have seen the Canon EOS R6 in action, so I know what we have reported is going to be relatively accurate, we’re just playing the waiting game for now.

More to come…


Jan 26, 2017
If dealers have seen it, I would think it's just a matter of time before images start to leak. Or who knows - maybe they're staying tight lipped following the leaks to build up to that announcement tonight.


Nov 5, 2011
Selfishly hope it's available before July 2020 so it can be field tested on a vacation, but might be my last DSLR trip instead.

Go Wild

Dec 8, 2014
We know developments take time...Even after the development announcement and after almost 4 months, 1DxmkIII is being released but will get some firmware updates after, because not everything is on yet. But what is a bit strange is to have such a detailed specs list at this time and we know that at least canonrumors guy have seen the camera, so the camera is out there testing, and the release date is only in...July! Damn....Maybe is not strange at all, maybe is just this huge will to get the camera as fast as possible.... :cool: :cool: :LOL::LOL:
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I'm New Here
Jan 29, 2020
Now I'm torn. I need a ML, because I need to update my current bodies, but July is too far. I will wait until tomorrow and then, if nothing happens, go for a Sony a7RIV to keep for a year.
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Cee Log

I'm New Here
Feb 13, 2019
Something just doesn't feel right to me about the specs & announcement. I really hope I'm wrong and that we'll get some info tomorrow but I don't remember such a major release coming with so little chatter/leaks 24 hours ahead.


EOS 5D Mark IV
Feb 28, 2013
CP+ 2020 doesn't start until Thursday February 27th so maybe Canon is being tight-lipped until a formal announcement at this important show.
Whilst its difficult for our US cousins to comprehend there are other events outside of the US and CP+ being on their doorstep is one of them. The next important show after CP+ will be "The Photography Show", Birmingham. UK in March and then the really big one Photokina in Cologne, Germany in June.


Sep 3, 2018
Now I'm torn. I need a ML, because I need to update my current bodies, but July is too far. I will wait until tomorrow and then, if nothing happens, go for a Sony a7RIV to keep for a year.
I feel the same way and will upgrade to the a7RIV.

Life is too short to be constantly checking rumour site for a Canon unicorn camera when you can be out actually enjoying taking pictures with whats available now.

Fingers crossed this has a happy ending tomorrow..........

Jim Corbett

Man-eaters' Nightmare
Oct 11, 2019
Maybe we'll only get a development announcement(aka final testing) first, similarly to the 1Dx mark III? It's quite a stretch from now to July if it's a final announcement; maybe July is for the other model?
Anyways. I prefer to wait instead of another rushed body.