Predictions for 2010 Part 1 – DSLR

What does CR Guy See Coming?
As always, trying to predict what giant multinational corporations is going to do with product development can be hard, but I’ll give it a go.

Digital SLR
Canon needs to get back in the game as far as DSLR’s go. There is a perception that Canon has fallen behind Nikon as far as tech goes. Is it true? Maybe a little bit. There’s no reason Canon can’t be out front of Nikon, they have the resources and manufacturing capabilities to take back the crown.

1Ds Mark IV
- 32mp or higher sensor.
- Same autofocus system as 1D4
- 5fps
- New video features to separate it from the rest of the lineup.

The Rebel Line
- Two new cameras
- One camera will be 12mp and the other 18mp (Same as the 7D)
- One camera will have an articulating display
- Both cameras will have movie modes, one being better than the other.
- Ergonomic upgrades (Scrollwheel!) Maybe more of a wish than a prediction
- New chipped batteries
- Both cameras in the 3fps to 4fps range

- 18mp sensor (Same as 7D)
- 720p Video Mode @ 30fps. 1080p maybe.
- 6.3fps
- A new autofocus system based on the 7D, but less focus points.
- Missing some of the 7D bells and whistles like the electronic level.
- Smaller VF than the 7D

- This is actually a hard camera to predict. What will they leave out from the 7D?

- FF in the 16-21mp range.
- 4-6.3fps
- New sensor technology
- Same size as 5D2
- 7D Autofocus system
- 1080p movie mode, same as 5D2

EVIL (Electronic viewfinder interchangeable lenses)
There will be no Micro 4/3 style camera from Canon in 2010. If they ever get on board, they will be the last one to do so.

So that makes 5 new SLR’s in 2010. That could be far fetched, but why not? 2010 is going to be a better year for most everyone.

Part 2 (Later today)
I will focus on lenses.