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100 New Product Coming from Canon

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Lots coming!
According to Jouko Tuominen is new CEO of Canon Svenska AB, Canon plans to launch 100 new products in the fall.

I’ll assume it isn’t 100 new cameras!

From Kamera & Bild (Google Translation):….

thanks Magnus


43 responses to “100 New Product Coming from Canon”

  1. EF 24-70mm 2.8 L *IS* USM, how much would *that* weigh? LOL! At what point do you need to start tripoding the IS glass? ;-)

  2. Love to see a new 300 f4 IS II with silent focus and improved IS (that performs with tripod) – great lens but in need of an upgrade.

    How about a new 400 f4.5 IS with that sweet sliding lens hood, it’s such a great design.

  3. It would be very easy for Canon to fit a camera between a Nikon D300 and Canon 5D2 and not reduce sales of the 50D or 5d2.

    Take everything in the Nikon D300 and put in a Canon 14MP 1.3 sensor, for $2000 US. (You do know that the Nikon D300 is a 1.5 corp camera right, so there is no need to go FF against it.)

    Regarding the Nikon D700, Canon can take everything in the Nikon D700 and put in a 16mp FF sensor, for $3000. Then photogs that want MP will buy the 5D2, and photogs that need a better body and FPS will buy this new camera.

    Doesn’t seem that hard to figure out to me.


  4. I won’t hold my breath on any of it.
    The discrepancy between launch dates and availability from Canon has become something of a joke.
    Never mind products loaded with bugs.
    I’m done with their sordid marketing tactics.

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