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1D Mark 4 in January [CR1]

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From somewhere in the EU
I received information that an unnamed marketing/advertising agency in Europe received a worklist for projects pertaining to Canon DSLR’s and video cameras. One of the cameras mentioned is a 1D Mark 4. The due date for the project from Canon is January 12, 2010.

This goes with our “end of January” information for an announcement.


14 responses to “1D Mark 4 in January [CR1]”

  1. My 7D arrived last night, I had a fully charged battery from my 5D MK II, so I took a few photos outdoors and indoors. The low light performance is better than I expected, pretty close to the 5D MK II. Autofocus in low light is markedly slower, apparently due to the more accurate focus.

    The most important thing to me is its ability to set a correct exposure, and so far, the exposures are much better than the 5D, none of them were off, even with strong backlighting. I hope to try it more today. I might just forgo the 1D MK IV if this camera is as good as it seems.

  2. Ed please let us (me) know how you like the 7d after a bit more use. Went to buy one yesterday but all on back order here.

  3. My advice would be to wait for the reviews to come out, that is unless the store you’re buying from has a decent return policy.

  4. well I wish it was Oct (now),my 1D2 just blew another shutter. So going to a IV would have been great.
    Did get my 7D. Those 8fps are quiet, very un-1 like.
    Focus did jump on and off a bit from frame to frame. This was cheerleaders on a sideline… maybe those waving arms told Canon to expect some wild fast direction change.

    It did repick accurate focus after each blown one.

    One note, is with this new screen, it is harder to tell if it is in/out of focus manualy.

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