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2000D & 60D [CR1]

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I’m told the 2000D will have the articulating screen that has been sometimes rumored to be a feature of the 60D.

A few features sent in today. Could be crazy.

– A New Liveview/EOS Movie AF system that is much faster than what is currently available.
– Some kind of a rotating grip for making video shooting easier.

No idea what to make of this stuff, it’s the first I’ve heard of any of it.


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  1. You are right, I might be over-reacting over these so called “rumors”. Maybe I’m frustrated because Since 2007 every Canon release did not match my expectations.

    I love my Canon gear. But Sometimes, I look at the Nikon said and say “Boy, those guys are lucky!”.

  2. i dont agree but i agree the 18 mp sensor is great still so would be good but as im waiting for the 60d myself i wouldnt mind a new sensor with even better noise preformance :)

  3. Shrug… one 30MB RAW image would take 10 seconds with bluetooth 3.0. Not extremely fast, but definitely usable.

    802.11n at 5 GHz band would shrink that time to about 2-4 seconds. Close range, no interference (assuming used channel is 100% free). Power usage would drain DSLR battery pretty fast, though.

  4. Canon replaced the 5d only when the rebel matched it’s resolution.

    So, you should wait until T3i get released first! :p

  5. i rather come here reading something plausible then coming here day after day with nothing to read at all.

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