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40D Done?

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Canon Canada

40d - 40D Done?

The 40D has been removed from a couple of Canon price lists, but not all.

Canon Canada is offered refurb 40D’s to dealers, this is usually a good sign a camera is done. They carry a 90 day warranty in Canada, so be careful if you buy one.

You should see refurb bodies appearing for $749 – $799 CAD or so.

It’s still not officially discontinued by Canon.


21 responses to “40D Done?”

  1. Wow, so soon. It will be missed.
    One of the last croppers that still had reasonable pixel sizes!

  2. I am in the minority by agreeing with you on this issues. I have argued this and many disagree.

    At some point this megapixel race nonsense has to end. It is like the megahertz race of the late 90’s. Customers think it means a lot more then it really does. I would rather have gapless micro lenses, higher AD bit count, etc

    There is only so many pixels you can cram is APS-C sensor before it starts to hurt low light sensitivity. Even in the conclusion of the 50D review it states under the cons of the 50D that “High ISO performance worse than 40D”

    Please canon put a end to this megapixel nonsense.

  3. The 6D around August 2009. With 2 new EF-S lenses. Ti around June 2009. And the big one 1D MKV February 2010 with a new flash 600EX/610EX and 3 Zoom redo’s on some current lenses. 2010 will be a good year. Many models will be upgraded to: 550D, 7D, 5D MKIII, 1D MKV, and this one is a wild card the 1MF.

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