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Same ol’
We reported these specs in January, they’re finally showing up around the web.

Check our friends at Gizmodo for more.

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25 responses to “500D Rumors”

  1. if it has a quick jog wheel, and micro af adjust (long shots), i’m buying it to replace my 5D2 on vacations. they probably have equally sophisticated AF systems =/

  2. @billbottoms –

    Same here. If they are really pushing the ISO that high and can improve over the 50D/40D IQ I will definitely pick one up for beating around with at concerts/streets.

    I’m also thinking about sending my 5DmkII in for warranty repairs. Did a shoot the other day and showed some banding issues. Supposedly they will just swap out the sensor with some newer “fixed” ones. Anyone else done this?

  3. it’s gonna be a new G11, CMOS 12-15mp 28(or wider)-105mm equiv f2.8 lens with 1080p movie mode, and maybe a 500d with the same specs allthough I would have thought they’d sort out the 50d firmware to shoot video at the same time if releasing a 500d.

  4. Are you having problems with the AF? I went through a fashion week (variable lighting conditions and using AI servo) shot about 7k pictures with it and had no problems at all.

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