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5D Mark II – Digital Camera of the Year

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Engadget Awards5d mark ii - 5D Mark II - Digital Camera of the Year
Oh joy. Even after all the hate this camera has received it has won the coveted Engadget Digital Camera of the year award!


True, there was some Nikon fanboy vote splitting with the D90 and D700, but who cares… we win!

Seriously…. I nominated the Panasonic G1 as camera of the year and I stand by that. It’s nice to see some real innovation.

Speaking of which; Olympus? Where’s my micro 4/3 camera? I want that orange thing with the 20 f/1.7. It’d be like a new age digital Canonet QL17 GIII!

Read about all the gadget winners:…

Overlooked (Thanks for pointing it out)
The fine folks at Engadget chose the Nikon D90 as the digital camera of the year!


24 responses to “5D Mark II – Digital Camera of the Year”

  1. Note that the D90 won the editors choice award, not the 5DmkII. Thats from people who actually tested both.

  2. D90 or 5DMKII?… Is not possible to compare both cameras, different price range, different use, different target customer, a night and day in image quality difference…

  3. The 5Dmkii won the readers’ choice. The D90 won the editors’ choice. I would hope the editors are in a better postion to judge than the readers, but it is Engadget we’re talking about here so who cares?

  4. Well done Barnyard. The D90 did win and the peoples choice is from people who only bought the product. I doubt anybody actually owns both to have a fair comparison. Poor form from CR for not pointing this out.

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