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*UPDATE* New Canon Video Camera & dSLR Features

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Some more info and corrections (From the source)

  • 120hz means 120 full frames. The camera will only be specced for 60fps. The chip may be used in the future for a higher end camera.
  • The CMOS sensor is an entirely new design based on the previous work on APS-C it refreshes much faster and can be deemed a much improved sensor for video applications. Hence it will have very low rolling shutter effect.
  • As far as dSLR’s. People in charge think that 30fps on 720p and 1080p is very good and will not improve it on this generation. PAL 25p is too close to 24p and is not contemplated as an option for now.
  • The upcoming replacement for the 50D will have 1080p 30 for sure and 720p 30 also. I have no info on any Mic port for this product yet.
  • The 5D II might get 720p 30 as a firmware update since the only reason it was //not included is because of rushed development of the video spec. Might never come but it’s possible.
  • The source says don’t take that comments about dSLR video modes as absolute fact. That stuff is pretty guarded.

So there you have it.


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  1. I tried PAL DVDs that I have encoded in the PS3 and Blu-ray player, and they said “Will not support PAL format” on the screen – or something to that effect. I don’t have any 1080/50i or 25p Blu-rays, but I might try encoding one and seeing if it plays in the PS3 or Blu-ray player here, with HDMI to the TV, but I have my doubts. The HDV footage i played in an NTSC HDV camcorder I filmed in Australia using a Sony Z1 in 1080 50i. It played on the US spec Sony HC9, on the viewfinder, it did say 1080/50i, but using an HDMI cable, plugged in to the Sony Bravia, nothing was displayed on the TV. I have noticed it’s common for US spec equipment not to support 50i/25p or PAL – or at least not specified on spec sheets.

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