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20 400 - Canon EF 20-400 f/2.8 IO USM IS
EF 20-400 f/2.8 IO USM IS

Canon have just announced the first of a line of ground breaking new optics that actually intensify the light as it passes through the lens. This results in smaller lighter lenses which can have longer zoom ranges but still retain a f2.8 maximum aperture.

This technology has been in development for many years, but achieving a blend of high optical quality with a good amount of light gain and a realistic manufacturing cost has only just become possible with a revolutionary new manufacturing process

Canon are not able to release details of exactly how they make the lenses but, have said that the whole process of manufacturing has to take place in total darkness until the new Starlight Spectra Coating, which is the key to the intensifying of light, has time to develop its light gathering ability.

From what we have gleaned this is the first of a whole new series of IO (Intensifying Optics) Lenses and more lenses are expected in the range later this year.

We were lucky enough this week to be able to handle one of the first lenses into the country and so are able to bring you some details about the new lens. We were unable to shoot any images with the lens as it was pre-production and unfortunately the production models will not be available.

Read more about this fascinating lens here (not written by CR)

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