From our friend at Cinema5D
A new post at the Cinema5D forums talks about a new firmware update for the 5D Mark II.

You can apparently select between 24p, 25p and 30p.

It's noted that the jello effect may actually get worse in 24p and 25p.

Talk away :….


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  1. Using center AF point? Even if not, I imagine the band is staying relatively still for you. I know the mk2 isn’t marketed for taking shots if your kid in low light, but it just can’t do that. You can center-AF-point everything and have decent luck, then you’re wasting most of your 21mpx.

    I’ve been having great luck with Live View – even Live View contrast focusing on still stuff in low light. It’s way better than I originally thought. I hold the AF-ON button and shutter button quickly after it so once focus is achieved it takes the shot immediately. So I don’t care about viewfinder AF in low light for still stuff, but when your subject’s moving and there’s not much light, you’re SOL.

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