Engadget Plays
Engadget has posted a video showing off some 7D features.

8fps sounds like 10fps. Cool stuff.

Video Here: http://www.engadget.com/2009/09/04/…..


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  1. That would be monumental stupidity on Canon’s part. Look at the D90, or Pentax K-7, or Olympus E-30. Nothing in Canon’s lineup addresses this group right now except for the 50D. I will be shocked if there is not a 60D.

  2. To all who are interested in some further info: not a real microsite but filled with a lot of text and explanatations about the camera and its technical features inside and about the 3 new lenses (+ the WFT-E5B):


    And the japanese microsite (= EOS 7D “special site” which is unfortunately only in Japanese so far and not to compare to NikonĀ“s microsites and some of the former of Canon as well), it is not accessible via Canon EOS Digital, but only via Canon Japan:

    http://cweb.canon.jp/camera/eosd/7d/index.html –> then click on EOS 7D special site on the lower right

    Have fun with the “image monster”,


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