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5D Mark II w/24-105 – *UPDATED*

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Pulled the Amazon link, it’s pointing back to the $5399 nonsense.

Still overpriced.. but…….
They have corrected the price down to $3999 from $5399. One left they say.


7 responses to “5D Mark II w/24-105 – *UPDATED*”

  1. Can we keep from being an advertising arm of or worse yet an advertising arm of what ever flavor of the day that’s scalping people for a 5d2 for $2000 over MSRP.

    The price is $5400 – That lens is about $900, this means they are charging a non-kit price of $4500 for the body… a $1800 premium over MSRP. I really appreciate the heads up, but there’s nothing being given to the user/reader here… it’s all take.

    The retailer gets a cushy sale.
    You get a cut from Amazon. (I would hope you put in a refferer id in the link)
    What do we get with this tidbit of information? A sale that’s well over MSRP and available about anywhere on the net with basic search skills… no thanks

    Wake me up when someone has it in stock for MSRP or less.

  2. ummm… calm down and read what he wrote… they adjusted the price to 3999. If he needs to throw a pitch once in a while to keep the money coming in from the sponsors then fine… he’s still no mr. rockwell and we get this site for nada… besides, if you don’t like the price do what I do… don’t buy it!!!

  3. I don’t hock 50D’s or XSi’s or whatever. I happen to get 10 emails a day wondering where people can get 5D2’s. SO here’s one… It’s priced about what people are getting on ebay for them.

    This is rare I do it, the camera is in demand! I did contact Amazon about the $5400 lunacy, and they told me that is out of their control. So I AM looking out for readers so they don’t get hosed.


  4. Last night we posted the 5D II @ 3,499 from Amazon directly…. so we attempted to alert you of the standard MSRP sale from Amazon. This is just a follow up to that initial post, we are not spaming and in fact are providing information as to when the product is in stock and like CR said… answering questions on where it can be bought “now”.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  5. I found the information VERY useful. I’ve been waiting on Ritz for several weeks and after that post I was able to order the camera at MSRP and it will be on my doorstep tomorrow!

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