New highend kit zoom coming?
I'm told we could see a replacement of the EF-S 17-85 IS lens as soon as February. The new lens would be slightly longer at the telephoto end and build quality reduced to lower the price. It will run concurrent with the 17-85 until stock is gone, possibly Christmas 2009.

The source says EF-S 17-90 f/4-5.6 IS.


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  1. I’m hoping whatever they put out that they make is a bit faster than f/4-5.6… which is the only reason why I didn’t get this lens…. I mean… I don’t want f/5 @ 35mm … the new kit lens is faster then this lens at the same focal lengths for crying out loud…. how about a 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 for $500?.. you know… like Nikon has?!?!

    Oh well =)

  2. Why not make it a Mark II? With the focal length there is nothing wrong. They only need to improve image quality with the 17-85 and put II behind it.

  3. I’ve considered buying the 17-85 more than once, but there are many mixed reviews (more seem to be on the average to sub-par side). I’m mostly into macro and have the 100 f/2.8. I’ve just stuck with the crappy 18-55 for my walk-around, but I’m really getting sick of it. What I’d like to see is something significantly wider and not quite as long – like a 12-70 which would be the equivalent of something like a 19-112.

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