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I have yet to handle a production 5D Mark II (boo), so I have no first hand knowledge of the issue. What about the ones of you that have?

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  1. If you haven’t seen the issue, it’s likely because you have not hit the exposure required for it to show up.

    I just tested with 10x magnified LiveView, and it’s visible there within a certain exposure range, with a part of that range making it quite obvious.

    It looks like a design flaw that affects all copies.

  2. Update on black Pixels based on night testing with 70-200f4L:

    – very small black pixels. Unlikely to be seen in anything other than very large prints. I did not let it stop me from buying the camera. CA is bigger problem with all but the best of lenses. In any event the black pixels are so repeatable that I am certain a fix will be available before long.

    – I have not observed at 50 or 100 ISO.

    – Seems to get worse with increasing ISO.

    – Happens when you have saturated pixels followed by low light pixels left to right in landscape view. The black pixels are always to the right of bright light. This has lead people to think this is a sensor read problem.

    – it seems to be worse at f4 than f8, but you can still see it.

    In practical terms you will see this problem when you have a small bright light on a dark background. The worst I’ve seen are bright blue Christmas style lights against a dark background.

    Now, what about that purple fringing…..

  3. My shop is only getting 5 bodies at a time. By that rate I won’t have one until mid Jan : (

  4. 1 last option

    I will be ordering the 1ds Mk 4 which should reach my shop before the shipment of Canon 5d Mk2s that would have fulfilled my order.

  5. A disappointing post. It seems that Amazon mistakening sent out the Body Only to the kit pre-orders. So that means that the people who ordered kits are getting only bodies and the body people are pushed back until perhaps January for people who ordered on the first two days. The other problem maybe people who return opened “Body Only” boxes and Amazon may ship those out. Anyway, I was one of the fools who ordered from Amazon. I guess I learned my lesson.


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