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5D Mark II Review – DPR

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DPR Posted their review5d mark ii1 - 5D Mark II Review - DPR

As expected, a lot of praise for the 5D Mark II.

Do people still like DPR reviews? Let me know with some constructive criticism or praise.

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23 responses to “5D Mark II Review – DPR”

  1. Frankly, over the past couple of years I have felt a definite bias pro Nikon and against Canon. Their subjective conclussions on the data that they presnet has a tendency to be more “forgiving” towards the Nikon (or even Panasonic, as of late) product and, when compared one against the other, most of the times they will give more importaance to the areas where the Canon is somewhat weaker, just to change the order of importance on the next review of a Nikon or Panasonic product, A perfect example was the G10 review.
    I read their reviews and web site for the depth of info, But I always suggest to skip the conclussion.
    I suggest the Luminous Landscape for reviews.

  2. DPR offers a thorough review of the camera as it is in a lab setting, which is great for what it is. They can’t rightly test each camera on location for the week that would be required to find all the nuances. That’s what forums are for. Too bad the DPR forums are a troll haven.

    I’d been sitting on the fence for a year before buying a 5D2 and though I’ve had Nikon equipment in the past I never felt that DPR was biased. Nearly every DSLR from the big brands gets a ‘Highly Recommended”.

    The G10 review was skewed because they felt it was a poor value, if it cost $75 less they would have given it full marks. You must admit at the 800+ISO images were noisy for that $$. If the images were cleaner I would have bought one myself.

  3. What’s not to like? I find their reviews to be relatively unbias, and give more information than most owners manuals. Are they the no. 1 reason for my photo gear purchases? No, but they’re very informative before I make up my mind.

  4. You are assuming that the copy of the 5DMK2 had that fault. As for “crappy AF performance”, I don’t have any problems.

  5. I like to look at the Dynamic Range measurements, just to find out if finally they learnt what DR is, and how to measure it.

    Unfortunately with the 5D MKII they insist in crazy figures:
    – Constant DR from ISO100 up to ISO1600 of 8.4EV
    – Higher DR at ISO3200! of 8.6EV

    Maybe one day they learn that: Dynamic Range = Noise.


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