New Specs
A regular here at Canon Rumors sent this one in. He notes this person has been been right before.

60D Specs
– Articulating screen
– Metal body, similar To50D
– Upgraded 15.1mp APS-C Sensor
– 720p/1080p Video at 30fps
– Electronic Level
– New battery & battery grip
– Price about $ 1190

550D/600D Specs
– Articulating screen
– Body smaller than 500D
– Upgraded 15.1mp APS-C Sensor
– 720p Video at 30fps
– Price about $ 799


Apparently the two cameras will be available in May. That's a big wait if a February announcement is for real.

thanks Yitzy



  1. looking for Canon to come out with either a 60d.. or an updated 7d Mk 1.. with the ability to use both CF and SD cards for those of us moving up from the Xsi class–gotta do something with my dozen or more SD cards I have — similar to what Nikon did with their d300s.. don’t need video although that’s a hot marketing item these days..

    as for lenses.. an updated 100-400is without the push/pull zoom.. get with it Canon.. and a 400is

    geez come to think of it.. I’m not asking for much from Canon.. just to get with it and ‘ketchup’ to Nikon… I really don’t want to switch

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