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A Mirrorless Rebel in 2010? [CR2]

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It’s coming
A source wrote me today talking about a R&D meeting at Canon in the Netherlands. They talked about a mirrorless Rebel body coming as early as 2010 or maybe in 2011. Canon is waiting for OLED to be perfected.

This is obviously coming one day, the question is when.


10 responses to “A Mirrorless Rebel in 2010? [CR2]”

  1. Hmmm, mirrorless and OLED mean SMALLER not bigger. It’ll have to be an EFS compatible 1.6x crop chip. Probably full 1080P video, 3″ or larger screen. Ohhhh, maybe even a flip-out screen. Everybody else is going that way.

  2. …the oled is for the screen aint it ?

    has nothing to do with the sensor (if im right)

    sony’s already selling oled tv (small…but working…with an incredible contrast)

  3. OLED….is it relevant with the high-res EVF(not back LCD screen) which I have heard from northlight images?

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