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Received some information that's new and matches some recent NL information.

More of the same stuff really.

7D Design Goals

7D 150x150 - A Roadmap: Odds & Ends [CR1-CR2]
The Lord of Darkness

– Speed (Apparently this may have the highest FPS of any DSLR ever)
– Dual Processors and Card Slots
– HD Video
– Articulating Screen
– Pro Style AF System
– Much Better LiveView Autofocus
– Noise Control
– Increased Dynamic Range

Rebel T1
This should be released alongside the 7D next week. Basically an XSi with a movie mode (720p tops).

60D & 1D4
The 60D will be moved back to a 18 month product cycle and will be released with a 1D4 upgrade in February. The winter Olympics aren't as big of a deal as the World Cup is. If it was the summer games, different story. There's no rush to get a 1D4 to the market.

60D may see a megapixel decrease. There will be new emphasis on image quality, noise control and dynamic range.

70-200 f/2.8L IS II
The perfect mate to a new speed demon camera. I'm told to expect it. I don't have CR3 information on it yet.

As I said, this is more of the same information told in a different way from the last few weeks.

Big White Lenses
I'm also told to expect 2 of the big white lenses to get a redo along with the 1D Mark IV/4. The 500 and 600 are deemed the most likely by at least a couple of sources.

L Primes
I haven't received any confirmation that the 135L is indeed being replaced. Most of my information I have about L prime updates dates back a fair ways. The 35L II to appear alongside a new 1Ds Mark IV? That's still all we have at the moment.


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