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Announcements in July?

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New Stuff!
I’ve received a few pieces of info for an announcement in the middle of July. It appears July12/July 13 or July 19/July 20, we haven’t nailed it down exactly yet. More will come soon.

There will be a 2nd announcement cycle in August.

There will probably be a DSLR announcement (60D/3D) as well as other cameras and accessories. Do not expect a 1Ds Mark IV at this time.


138 responses to “Announcements in July?”

  1. and a camera that matches the 5D II (i.e. a D700x) is the most desperately needed camera in the Nikon line-up.

  2. the 60D is long overdue and i cant wait till it arrives i need a bigger body im tired of cramps in my hand from the 450 grip.

    canon save my hand!

  3. Ever heard of a 50D?
    Is already there for a long time works as advertised and is better then your 450.

  4. So I’m thinking…..
    I’m going to get the 550D this summer, but should I wait a little bit and hope the price will fall for 7D to what the current price is for 550D?

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