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I've recevied some more info about a possible replacement of the 50D/5D Mark II.

The source says  a new xD camera is imminent.

The DSLR lineup from Canon will be as follows.
1000D / XS
500D / T1i
550D / T2i
5D Mark II
3D (?)
1D Mark IV
1Ds Mark III

There could be some truth to this, if the price of the 7D is cut like the 5D Mark II's has been.


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  1. I agree with you 100%. On the other hand, canon has been misleading the uneducated consumer also. Canon has been teaming its 2nd or even 3rd rated lens (cheap kid lens) with the new 18 Mp bodies, including the APS-C “Flagship??” 7D. That will give some consumer a feeling that any lens is good enough. Nikon is doing the same thing also.

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