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xD/3D/5D Mark III Rumors [CR1]

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More Info
I’ve recevied some more info about a possible replacement of the 50D/5D Mark II.

The source says  a new xD camera is imminent.

The DSLR lineup from Canon will be as follows.
1000D / XS
500D / T1i
550D / T2i
5D Mark II
3D (?)
1D Mark IV
1Ds Mark III

There could be some truth to this, if the price of the 7D is cut like the 5D Mark II’s has been.


171 responses to “xD/3D/5D Mark III Rumors [CR1]”

  1. Where did I bash the 7d???? you are reading something I definately didn’t write.. I know the 7d has better image quality I just can’t justify it at double the price (here)..

  2. Maybe you misread where I said the 50d was much better than the k7 as being a comparison to the 7d??? (k7 is from Pentax)..

  3. I am a strong Canon supporter and I’m one sided on the Canon vs Nikon battle. But I do believe that both do a fantastic job of imaging. The big issue I have with any battle between the brands is that on both sides people will buy the top camera and brag about it but put cheap glass on it and expect me to ne impressed with their average images. If you must cut costs do it in the camera body and get great glass then you will impress me with your images as well as your knowledge of your equipment. What is everyone’s thoughts on this?

  4. So I’m thinking…..
    I’m going to get the 550D this summer, but should I wait a little bit and hope the price will fall for 7D to what the current price is for 550D?

  5. I do not think that will happen. It may drop another 0ne oe two hundred dollar at best. just look at the price history of the 40D and the 50D.

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