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Buyer Beware: Counterfeit B+W Filters Being Sold on Amazon

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The-Digital-Picture is reporting that Counterfeit B+W Filters Being Sold on Amazon.

From The-Digital-Picture:

A site visitor recently reached out to us with concerns regarding a few B+W filters he purchased on Amazon (via third-party). While shooting test images with the filters, he noticed a significant drop in image quality and suspected they may have been counterfeit.

B+W filters are a favorite of ours here at, and we’re especially fond of their XS-Pro line. When people write into the site asking for advice on filters, B+W is the brand we most often recommend. As such, the image quality degradation the site visitor experienced using the “B+W” filters led us to believe that the filters were indeed fake.  Read the full story

We recommend buying B+W filters from B&H Photo if they ship to your country.

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