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Camera Being Tested in Vancouver [CR3]

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I’ve received confirmation that a new Canon body is being tested in Vancouver. Things are so tight lipped that this great source hasn’t seen the model number.

It’s suggested this is final testing before an announcement.

The same source has said we will see a 1Ds Mark IV before the end of February.

So if anyone attending the Olympics sees anything attached to a big white lens that looks suspicious, send me a picture of it.


147 responses to “Camera Being Tested in Vancouver [CR3]”

  1. > Medium Size (16MP) @ 10fps

    Now that sounds cool and the way like it should be – 1Ds being a master camera in every respect, not just a different camera where only choice being speed vs megapixels. This also would justify the price difference, 1D just being a subset of 1Ds.

  2. I just hope it’s a 60D that would be awesome!
    But one question:
    Why Vancouver?
    Has this anything to do with the Olympics?^^
    I mean, is there anything special in Vancouver for Canon that they are testing a new Camera there?
    After all, Canon still is Japanese ;)

  3. I don’t think there will ever be a new xxD body again. It seems Canon es doing the same thing as Nikon: Basic bodies made of plastic even for the so-so advanced amateur (550D for example) and then if you want a magnesium body and weather sealing in a 1.6x sensor body: Get the 7D :P

  4. hokar, we have Olympics here. 250.000 visitors. The whole city is packed! Sport events are everywhere. If there’s any better place on the Earth right now to test a new camera – I’d be glad to hear it from U lol

  5. well, that’s kinda wrong statement. Every single photographer I’ve seen here carries @ least 3 camera-bodies… If they do it as U say – they’ll have problems with choosing the right one, lol

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