60D Coming?
Yes it's April Fools day, and I've received some crazy stuff. This seems relatively legit.

60D Specs

  • 18mp (7D Sensor)
  • 11pt AF (New AF System)
  • Same Video Modes as T2i
  • Same LCD as T2i
  • 6fps
  • Not 100% VF
  • No Electronic Level
  • ISO 12800 Max
  • Prototypes are in the field

An announcement for the camera would be near the end of May/early June.


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  1. Oh course. We have a constant f/2.8 lens in the 17-55 now we will have a constant f/4 in the 15-70

  2. Michael B 66 on

    I think too that the probability for full frame 60D is below 5 percent but:
    “Waiting” is right that there is a gap between costly full framers like the 5DII without EF-S compatibility and a potential slow full frame camera for about 1000 $ (or Euro) WITH EF-S compatibility (perhaps with a special mirror design/travel path). That would help to use the EF-S lenses many of us have WITH the possibility to use full frame lenses at a full frame sensor.

    The 7D is oversized technically for macro and static subjects – “Waiting” has written down what I feel too. The 7D is a moderate cost 1D-substitute for fast photography.

    But I think that you, hoktar, see the things realistic: A camera for the slow ones of us which delivers EF-S compatibility, full frame for 1000 $ / Euro reduces the number of camera bodies which can be sold by canon.

    But for us photographers it would be a great thing: Use all your lenses with their best potentials in ONE body – reduced weight. And an identical second body to reduce lens changes (be faster, have cleaner sensors) and to have a spare camera onboard. It would make things sooooo eaaasy.

  3. Also, who would buy a 5DMKII if the 60D was FF?

    No, the 60D will absolutely get normal 1.6.

    A FF 60D would just not fit to canons product range.
    Again, the 7D would have been the perfect spot wor that but a FF cam as absolutely wrong in xxD.

    I am looking forward to a normal 60D with the normal features that are rumored and I am pretty sure it comes like this.

  4. To be honest , I don’t really care what numbers get engraved on it or even if it has video capabilities, I’d like a full frame camera at a reasonable price and really nice IQ, impossible maybe, but it would put some fear into Nikon and would probably sell like crazy which might make up for the low margin, and move even more expensive glass. The idea of EF-S compatibility would be a stellar one.

  5. I don’t think full frame and EF-S compatibility is easily possible… the EF-S lens produces a smaller image circle and you wouldn’t want extra optics (effectively like a teleconverter) to increase the size again, at the cost of quality.

    Maybe a sensor where you could use the central area for EF-S lenses and the whole area for EF lenses. That might work.

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