Canon Australia really needs to rethink how they use the word “exciting”.

It is a truly exciting event for us to be nearing our 50,000th World of EOS member. We definitely wouldn't be able to do it without your help and we hope that we will get to greater heights as we continue to provide added value for our World of EOS members both now and in the future. Cheers, the Canon team.

It's suggested the announcement could be price drop related. We've heard murmurs about Canon Australia dropping prices to compete with the grey market.

From Canon Australia
Canon Australia posted on their Facebook page that they have an “exciting announcement” coming today.

I have heard nothing from anyone about an announcement, so I am in the dark as to what it could be. I cannot find a similar post by any other Canon subsidiary.

canonaus - *UPDATE* Canon Australia Announcement?

From: Canon Australia Facebook

thanks Rob


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