The number of shots I've missed because I only have 35x zoom is staggering. It's a good thing they're working on something more!

That EF 1200 f/5.6L is starting to look overpriced.

4.36mm-180.0mm F2.54-5.74


Publication number Patent 2011-33868 (P2011-33868A)

Release date February 17, 2011 (2011.2.17)

Numerical Example

  • F = 4.36-180.0mm focal length
  • Fno = 2.54-5.74
  • 38.63-1.23 ° angle
  • Image height is 3.49-3.88mm
  • Total lens length 94.37-134.09
  • Back Focus 9.00-6.38
  • 41.24 zoom ratio
  • Two-sided aspheric

Optical system

  • Positive lead type zoom lens
  • Zooming, the object first and third groups, the group moved toward the second image
  • The third lens group for image stabilization
  • Expression rear focus lens group to focus on the fifth


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