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Canon Christmas Sales Expections

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Get ready for savings
Camera sales have been a little bit soft since in September and all the manufacturers have noticed it. I’m told to expect fairly significant price drops to stimulate dSLR sales into November and December. There could also be price drops fairly soon for the new point and shoots.

Instant lens rebates are already in effect in Canada.

The 5D Mark II pricepoint will probably remain intact going by preorder sales.


14 responses to “Canon Christmas Sales Expections”

  1. With the Fed cutting interest rates and everyone scrambling to increase consumer spending this Holiday season should get interesting.

  2. Y’know, we really should’ve organised that no one preordered and everyone said it wasn’t worth the money – maybe we would have lowered the price of the 5D MkII a bit that way…?


  3. The 50D is overpriced right now for what it is. It should drop to $1249 shortly. Also, all the price increases we saw Canon USA make on us in lenses should be taken back with the rising dollar. Those 10% increases were significant and effected everything from Adorama’s refurb prices (which are insane now–used to be a good deal) to the prices you see on POTN and FM. Long live king dollar. Vote with your wallet. Inventories are going to rise steeply in the tech sectors. Discounts will be coming. Hang tight. Enjoy your current equipment. Save diligently. And pounce when the price is fair so long as you can afford it.

    I worry that too many people get themselves into financial trouble and their gear is the first to go. If you are anywhere close to financial trouble you should not be purchasing such extravagant gear.

  4. People buy stuff because it’s all credit, without realizing they don’t have the money to pay for it.

    Judging by how many people pre-ordered 5dmkII there won’t be overstock of those and price drops or rebates.

    I didn’t pre-order mine just because I don’t like paying for something I won’t see for 2 months. (am in Canada)

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