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Canon EOS M50 Mark II information leaks out ahead of the official announcement

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It looks like my previous specifications rumor for the EOS M50 Mark II turned out to be incorrect, let’s hope those specifications are for the second rumored EOS M system camera coming at a later date.

Below is some Google Translated information from Canon marketing material about the upcoming Canon EOS M50 Mark II.

Canon EOS M50 Mark II Information (Google Translated):

Despite being an entry model, it is possible to shoot high-quality still images and videos.

  • Equipped with a video engine DIGIC 8 and APS-C size, a CMOS sensor with approximately 24.1 million pixels, you can easily enjoy shooting high-quality still images and movies.
  • Achieves high-definition 4K video recording. Equipped with a “4K frame cutout” function that saves any one frame as a JPEG image of approximately 8.3 million pixels (3840 x 2160).
  • Equipped with a “digital lens optimizer” that corrects lens aberrations, etc., and can be applied during shooting. High-quality shooting is possible by correcting optical aberrations caused by shooting lenses, etc., without going through the PC software “Digital Photo Professional”.

Comfortable portrait photography with high-speed, high-precision AF performance

  • By installing “Dual Pixel CMOS AF” in which each pixel functions as both imaging and phase-difference AF, high-speed continuous shooting of up to about 7.4 frames / sec with AF tracking and up to about 10 frames / sec with AF fixed is possible.
  • The high-speed image processing of the video engine DIGIC 8 enables quick focusing with phase-difference AF and smooth focus tracking for moving subjects. When the corresponding interchangeable lens is attached, a distance measurement area of ​​about 88% (horizontal) x about 100% (vertical) of the screen is realized. When AF area is automatically selected, high-speed and high-precision focusing is achieved in a range-finding area with a maximum of 143 divisions.
  • “Eye detection” that detects the pupil of the subject and focuses on it can now be used during servo AF / video servo AF, making it possible to comfortably capture facial expressions of moving people.
  • Compared to the conventional model “EOS Kiss M”, the performance of “pupil detection” has been improved, and it is possible to detect the pupil not only in the composition of the bust shot but also in the composition that shows the whole body of the subject.
  • By improving the display speed of the AF frame, the AF frame follows the movement of the subject smoothly. In addition, the visibility is improved by displaying only the pupil surrounded by an AF frame.
  • Equipped with “Spot 1-point AF” that focuses on an AF frame that is even smaller than “1-point AF”. It can also be used during servo AF, allowing you to focus on small moving subjects.

Comfortable operability that is familiar to camera beginners

  • Equipped with a vari-angle LCD monitor that can shoot from various angles. It also supports touch operations, ensuring high practicality such as operability and freedom of shooting angle when shooting still images and movies using a monitor.
  • Built-in high-definition EVF with a field of view of approximately 100% that uses an organic EL panel with approximately 2.36 million dots. Ensures high resolution up to the periphery.
  • Equipped with the first “tap subject selection” function for Canon interchangeable lens cameras. You can easily switch the position of the AF frame for the face / eyes displayed in the EVF by tapping the LCD monitor.

Communication performance that supports comfortable shooting

  • Supports Wi-Fi / Bluetooth (R) connection to mobile terminals such as smartphones. By setting the pairing first, you can automatically connect with Bluetooth when using the camera and smartphone.
  • Equipped with an image transfer function from the camera to “”. It is possible to transfer still images and videos to the cloud platform “” via Wi-Fi without worrying about the capacity. Transferred still images are sent to “Google Photos” and “Adobe Creative Cloud” via “”. Can be transferred to (Membership Plan).
  • Compatible with the automatic image transmission application “Image Transfer Utility 2” to a PC. Still images and videos can be automatically sent to the paired and running PC. Furthermore, by registering in “”, images sent to a PC can be automatically transferred to the cloud.

Video performance that expands the enjoyment

  • By using the “Add vertical location information” function, even videos shot in the vertical position by the camera can be automatically played back in the vertical position on a smartphone or PC * 1. Smooth video posting to SNS such as Instagram and YouTube is possible.
  • If the disclosure range and events are set in advance from a smartphone or PC, live distribution on YouTube is possible with just the camera itself, without preparing a distribution unit, simply by connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • Supports high frame rate video recording in HD / 120p. A momentary event can be played back slowly and smoothly.


Canon Shooter
Nov 15, 2011
So is the 4k still cropped? It does not say that. That would be a big upgrade for some folks.

Better AF, tracking, better AF in video. Seems like a reasonable upgrade for a MKII. May perform like the R6s little brother?

This spec list also makes more sense for the price point we think this should land at.

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Andy Westwood

CR Pro
Dec 10, 2016
Not much of an update then! This doesn't say a lot for the M-Series going forward :( At least it should be cheap!

I hope there is an M5 II soon and spec will be better on that model, as you'd expect.
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The dark side - I've been there
CR Pro
Nov 7, 2013
Although a little bit disapointing some more reasonable specs and features for a M50 Mk II.

When I read those previouse specs my initial thought was that they interchanged with the specs of a M5 Mk II.
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Aug 26, 2015
Same miniscule updates (like Eye tracking) as the 250D (also known as 200D Mark II) with better Instagram support...

I guess that means the pricing stays the same, which ensures that it sells.
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EOS 5D Mark IV
Jun 27, 2013
This better come below M6 mark II if these specifications are true. Will continue with current dslr till it dies out.


I'm New Here
Oct 4, 2018
If this camera really comes to the market without DPAF II, old sensor, etc. I'd say it's a complete joke, barely an upgrade at all.
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G1X Mark III
Sep 3, 2020
Yeah. I thought those previous rumours were too good with the M6 Mark II around.
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Sep 17, 2014
This reminds me of the 650D to 700D upgrade where they changed the texture of the mode dial and added some small software tweaks :)
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R5, C70
Mar 12, 2019
With exception to the EVF, these are all firmware and programming functions. Not hardware unless they changed out the LCD.


May 28, 2020
Well this made my decision to not upgrade my M50 to the Mk II very easy
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CR Pro
Apr 26, 2020
Wonder if they have introduced Fv mode and a second dial or other clever way of implementing that?

I might still consider it if they have, but it is starting to sound like a pass for me I’m afraid.
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Apr 3, 2018
Being the bottom of Canon's mirrorless offerings, I guess it designed to sell lots at a cheap price?
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CR Pro
Sep 3, 2019
This makes more sense.

It does mean Canon won't sell me another M50, but that is actually not unexpected; from what I've seen a lot of people skip every other mark number, and I guess I'm going to turn out to be one of them. The old M50 is basically a backup/second to my M6-II anyway; if it was my primary APS-C camera then my attitude might be a bit different.
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