Windsor, Ontario, 30 Aug 2023: Filters are all about personal taste. What better way to signal individuality than to ‘roll your own’? Dating back to the earliest days, cinematographers have been stretching stockings and running fishing line across lenses or selectively smearing Vaseline on filters held in front of the lens, all to get that unique flare or diffusion effect. Cinematographers even had their own chosen brands of hosiery, which they would seek out to give their leading ladies that special glow on film.

Now, thanks to the hardworking R&D team at Simmod Lens, it is far easier than ever to do this professionally with the new Synergy ring. In essence, this is the ultimate DIY filtration creation holder system to allow the cinematographer to combine filtration elements in their own way, with the individual parts coming together to form a solution – hence Synergy.

The design of the Simmod Synergy ring is truly unique. The clever accessory consists of four main parts:

First, the Synergy clamp-on ring is designed to securely hold the filters on your lens.

The Synergy ring which lies at the heart of the system

Second is the Clear Glass DIY FX filter – a 100mm clear round glass filter to which you apply grease, hairspray, goo or anything else you care to smear over it.

The Clear Glass DIY FX filter

Third is the DIY Flare FX holder ring, which can be used to hold craft wire, fishing line or similar. There are holes all around the perimeter of the ring through which your chosen line can be threaded through in any pattern you choose. When the wire is hit with a high-output light like a torch beam, it creates unique flare effects.

The DIY Flare FX holder ring with craft wire added

Fourth is the DIY Diffusion FX holder, a clever ring used to attach your chosen piece of material to diffuse the image, whether that be a sweet wrapper, mesh or net. Simply stretch the material over the holder ring and secure it with the supplied black elastic bands.

The DIY Diffusion FX holder with net stocking stretched over it

With the Synergy clamp any one filter or holder can be used on its own, or in combination. All parts are anodised black for minimum reflections and a discrete professional look. The filtration and effects combinations are limitless, each unique to the creator.

The Synergy ring is designed to clamp onto smaller cine lenses, or adapted stills lenses with Cine rings such as Simmod Lens’ own SimRings attached to the front. It is available in the two most commonly found sizes, 80mm and 95mm O.D.

The lightweight Synergy ring clamps securely to the front of the lens in seconds

An additional benefit is that the Synergy ring also accepts Simmod’s 95mm diopter filters, this is especially useful for some of the newer affordable anamorphic lenses with no thread for filter attachment.

A key feature that sets the Synergy ring apart from other existing matte box-based solutions is its incredibly lightweight aluminum construction. The 80mm Synergy ring weighs a mere 2.0oz (57g), putting the least possible strain on the lens. This is especially important on stills lenses and older cinema glass where excessive weight on the helicoids can strain their mechanics and make the focus too stiff.

The best part about the Synergy ring is the price. The full kit costs just $149 and comes with everything required apart from your imagination, plus your chosen diffusion material, nose grease or selected lubricant.

An example of flare created using the Synergy ring

For more details visit the Simmod Lens website.

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