Canon EOS-R or How Canon Nailed the Entrance into the Mirrorless FullFrame Market


Dec 13, 2010
How does the EOS R compare to your 5DSR?
I had a 1dx2, have only barely tried the 5dsr I’m afraid..

But in all honesty, I don’t miss my 1dx2 at all. There is too much I like more with the R to miss it...
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Dec 18, 2015
I had a 1dx2, have only barely tried the 5dsr I’m afraid..

But in all honesty, I don’t miss my 1dx2 at all. There is too much I like more with the R to miss it...
Ok. thanks. I have a 5DSR, which I love. Awesome IQ. However, I do a lot of night shooting. It's good, but not great for astro. I was thinking about a 5Div, but bought a Pentax K-1 for astro for half the price. It's great at night. Cleaner and better dynamic range than the 5dsr. However, two systems is kind of a headache. The EOS R seems like it might do the trick. Decisions, decisions.


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Nov 9, 2014
Has anyone tried astrophotography with it? How about banding in low light? There was a post somewhere (I can't find it now) suggesting the banding correlated to flash or wirless remote in the hot shoe.
I am going to try this on the over next weekend. I will be in New Hampshire and - hopefully- we will have some clear sky....

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Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
Maybe a bit provocative title of my review of the EOS R. I have it in use since almost 3 weeks now. I am really excited about this camera!

Here is my verdict:

Wow, what a camera... It delivers all what I expected to get. Using the EOS M5 since almost 2 years as my main travel camera I knew that Canon is delivering great gear on the mirrorless side as well. Therefore the R is definitely the next level for my "always with me travel camera"! The great thing is that it delivers those features which I missed mostly on the M5:Better low light performance and more bokeh and that's just related to sensor size. And weather sealing... But unfortunately the first RF-mount lens to come will be the 35mm f1.8 - and this one comes without weather sealing...

The EOS-R is a remarkable camera. Tt can be a work horse for all "normal" needs - and I believe for working professionals as well. I would think it will become a believed camera for travel photographers, who do want to be a bit more discrete and do won't to carry less.

For many topics which are critizised in the online community there are workarounds or solutions built in which are made pretty awesome. But you have to figure them out and maybe to learn how to use them....

I do expect more glass for the RF mount. And the list if the expected glass to come is impressive:
  • Zooms: the holy trinity is more ore less confirmed to come in 2019
    • 16-35mm f2.8
    • 24-70mm f 2.8 - as IS-Lens!
    • 70-200mm f 2.8
    • I do expect a new Super Zoom lens... like the 28-300mm
  • Prime Lenses are rumored to come in late 2019 or early 2020 as well
    • 24 mm f1.2
    • 85mm f 12.
These glimpse of rumors show clearly that Canon is filling up the RF mount with stunning and awesome glass - and I do hope for more consumer grade glass as well...

And therefore: i am happy to have it and to use it in the future....

If you are interested in my full review, please read my full Review of the EOS R
Late to the party - I've paid minimal attention to the R but having read your comments (review), I'm becoming more interested. Have now read most of the negative press, most of it claiming the R doesn't even match the Sony R III from dummies like Tony but I couldn't care less about Sony. I really want the ND filter adapter and the 30 MPs, the size/weight and the use of my EF lenses. I expect I'll be very happy with it given I don't anticipate parting with the 1DX2 for wildlife and video. But I must have the ND filter adapter and so far, where is it?

You did a good job with the Review!(y)