Worst lighting purchase you ever made? The best?

Jim Saunders

Sep 9, 2012
Worst: Probably the 320EX I had on my first 40D; it wasn't bad and did what it advertised but it was a bit of an expensive stepping stone.

Middle: The 600EX lights; they were new out when I got into proper flashes and the only downside is their cost. I mean to try my luck with a couple of the Yongnuos, I can always use more light.

Best: That seven foot umbrella; if conditions permit its use the output is phenomenal.



Trying to be as good as my gear
Apr 13, 2013
Temple, NH
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Worst: Phottix Stratto TTL set, they are unreliable at best
Best: Vivtar 283s, they lasted 30 years and would still work if I ever bothered to replace the hot shoes.


Gear limits your creativity
Jan 8, 2016
Worst: The super awesome Lastolite Brolly Grip Kit that can be used everywhere except indoors (light bouncing everywhere when using shoot-through umbrella) and outdoors (catches wind like an... umbrella). Replaced it with a no-name ripoff of the Lastolite Ezybox Speed Lite Plus which is much smaller but gives way more control and is more portable.

Best: Found a used-only-3-times-meticulously-repackaged-in-original-packaging Elinchrom RX One to-go softbox kit for almost half the price of a new kit. Only two downsides are the fans being a bit noisy and the radio transmitter using non-standard size button cell batteries lasting a bizarrely long time but having no warning for low battery level other than the flashes starting to misfire.
Second place for best is a tie between my light meter and a two-foot 5-in-one collapsible reflector that I didn't properly learn to use until a decade after buying it.