canon r5

  1. D

    Canon R5 vs C70

    Within the last 2 months, business shifted from 80% photography / 20% video to 80% video / 20% photography. Through my research, I identified the Canon C70 as the rig to address this change. I do not require anything beyond 4k 120fps. And I love that all of my Canon EF lenses will function with...
  2. P

    Eos R5 now with internal fan?!?!

    I was lucky to be able to pick up an R5 from one local dealer who got only one R5 shipped to him! (No other national dealers in Denmark are currently able to get ny stock from canon) Ive only had it for a couple of days so i have not had the time (or the HDD space) to test the max recording...
  3. F

    R5 IBIS seemingly erratic behaviour when shooting video

    Hi everyone, My R5's IBIS seems to behave in a weird way when shooting video with a Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 zoom attached (this lens has no IS). Even if I'm just "smoothly" panning handheld, the sensor moves around in short, erratic, unexpected bursts. Very annoying and of course renders the...
  4. SvetlovMisha

    Canon R5 + pyrometer = overheating is solved?

    I'm wondering why no one would to use a pyrometer to measure the temperature inside the camera with the lens removed during overheating, the temperature of the sensor itself, of the strapping, is there such a high temperature inside for real or is it a software limitation? pyrometer - its price...
  5. M


    This is the lcd of the R5 8k mode
  6. S

    Canon EOS R5 10 Days Later: REALITY CHECK

    Interesting video. Any thoughts?