Are there two version of the RF 35mm f/1.2L USM coming? [CR1]


Oct 10, 2020
Like Joule said; there is some and I own the RF 35 f/1.8 IS MACRO which is of moderate price
and is a unique combination of well done features.
High aperture, effective IS and Macro make it really versatile (I think I have written it lots of
times) ...
Also the extremely close focusing distance (around 6", that's the main reason I got it), that lens does so much.
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Canon R5 ++
Aug 22, 2018
Whoa, whoa.! I am just now seeing that there was a typo in my original post.

I did not mean to talk about the 35 mm. I was actually talking about the 85 mm 1.2. And I was speaking of the narrow plane of focus in perspective to the very high cost of the lens. I would usually only shoot 35mm for landscape or people + landscape, but not as portrait specific. Sorry to take us down the wrong trail.

However, the thought remains the same: On the very $$$$ 85mm 1.2 —if the focus is as superb as advertised, then the narrow focus plane will not be a problem. We shall see.

Still waiting on my R5!
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