Canon’s plans for NAB 2019 next month [CR2]


Jun 6, 2016


Do be aware that Youtube TENDS to clip the highlights and shadows and make the footage LOOK like Soap Opera Video. When you download the video and do a bit of grading on it, it seems I can recover some additional detail in it which indicates that the DEFAULT from-camera images will be quite outstanding.

If I was shooting high-end Cinema on this, I would of course be shooting 24 fps at 1/48th of a second shutter speed to ensure I get a filmic look AND I would boost my shadows by 5 to 10% and increase contrast by 5% AND increase colour saturation and colour temperature towards a cool blue to keep AWAY from Hollywood's typical TEAL and ORANGE look. I like my films ICE COLD and my skies/clouds NATURAL looking, so this camera with it's typical colour science is a good match for those who do documentary-oriented drama (i.e. period pieces), street-or-interview style productions and action/stunts filming.

For the sunset, firelight and candle-lit scene afficionados, I still think an Arri Alexa give you better low-light performance and warmer colour tones, but I definitely could argue for at least renting this camera for a few scenes! I'm curious if this 8K sensor will be introduced right away for the C300 Mk3 or whether it will be a sensor block upgrade available later in 2020!

Anyways this is a GOOD product challenge to the rest of the CURRENT field of cinema cameras ... BUT ... I should also note that NEW players are coming out very soon now with their own DCI 8K systems that quite shocked me in their image quality and camera body ruggedness! Canon is going to NEED TO WAAAAAY UP THEIR FEATURE SET GAME if they want to compete in this arena!
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