Canon 80D batteries keep cutting in and out

Jun 4, 2020
Hello everyone,
I purchased an 80D back in July of 2019 as a replacement for my T5i. I at first just had my stock body but then purchased a third party battery grip which came with 2 additional third-party batteries. Well, that was that a mistake. The batteries wouldn't recognize and I was barely able to take pictures uninterrupted for a long time. Then I decided to buy officially licensed Canon batteries since I had a bit more money to spare from photoshoots and such. Then the issue continued even with the real Canon batteries! The batteries are always charged so that isn't the issue and it always happens when I need it the most. It really screws with my professionalism when it happens during a photo shoot and I really just want to figure it out.
Sometimes it will ask if they are certified batteries and if they have the canon logo on the top (which they do) and says that Third-party batteries won't work and no matter what answer I chose (Yes or No) it always shuts off. I will usually take out my microfiber cloth and clean the batteries and the holder for the batteries inside the grip too. There is a small chance it works and I can get back to shooting more photos but the rest of the time it doesn't and still stays off.
The only thing I can think of is the grip itself is causing the issues with a bad connection from battery to the camera? I do have more money now and I noticed that an official canon battery grip is about $170. I was saving for a new lens but I'd rather have the ability to actually take photos than to take sharper photos.
Any help is greatly appreciated! It's truly upsetting to me that this keeps happening time and time again. I've missed out on so much because of this issue. Hopefully, it doesn't mean I have to get a whole new camera.


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Jul 16, 2017
Hamburg, Germany
If you want to be certain if that the grip causes a problem, you should obviously use the camera without grip for a period and with batteries you know have caused the issue in the past.

Or if you need the grip for the ability to shoot vertical easily, maybe there is a friend or place where you can borrow / rent a different grip to perform the Experiment. Although if the problem occurs rarely, that could end up being fairly expensive.
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