Canon Officially Discontinues the EOS-1v Film Camera


How you relate to the issue, is the issue.
Jul 13, 2012
I had this camera Very nice. May it rest in peace


Jun 19, 2013
RGF said:
I had this camera Very nice. May it rest in peace
I still have mine, (I was a Nikon film shooter) in the good old days, but since I switched to Canon with the first 5D to replace my crappy Nikon D200, I couldn't resit buying a 1V. I got it like new (4 rolls on the counter) for about 250€ and I won't let it rest in peace. :)

I use digital for work, but for my personal / hobby use, it's mainly about film. Most of my personal work is about 4x5 with 2 Linhof cameras, but I use also a Contax ST, a Leica R7, and an Olympus OM4Ti. They are all very fun to use, each with their own style.

I use the manual cameras for BW and color print film mostly, but my heart beats for chrome film. This is where the EOS 1V really shines, since it allows more keepers thanks to AF and more advanced light metering. Plus I use also my Leica / Contax / Olympus lenses with it. Considering the insane price of slide film + E6 processing, that's worth something.

Photography is not always about having the sharpest image, it's a lot about the fun to use the toys and the "feel" of the final image. In these areas film has still plenty to deliver.