Developer Interview EF 400mm f2,8 IS lll and 600mm f4,0 IS lll


Mar 22, 2012
Very interesting article. I wonder who its aimed at as surely very few would find it to read it.
It would look to be more help to Sigma than most but I guess they could work it all out with purchased copy.
I own two big whites the 600mm F4II and 300mm F2.8 II.
I have hand held the 600mm but its not easy. I was amazed they shaved close to a KG off it.
Very interesting too the change in the lens elements with far less of them towards the front.
Alot more of the weight would appear to be towards the back. I assume that makes it easier to handhold too.
They've changed the foot of it to make it easier to hold - that is a simple and good idea. I have an arca plate on mine which has square edges.
I've always wondered why Canon don't make it Arca compatible.
I can handhold the 300mm F2.8 II and it feels well balanced.
I wonder is the lens as robust in the long run. The new material is lighter.
One 600mm is enough, it will have to do for a long time. Version II has great image quality.
A kilo lighter would be nice
Does the III come with a hard case? Other than storing I don't find them practical (wheels and an extendable handle might help).
In that document they show a soft case but maybe its an accessory that can be purchased.


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Apr 20, 2013
I just received my 400 mm lll and the 600mm lll The weight saving and the new balance is great. Both are coming with the new soft case.The hardcase is only available as an option.