EOS 6D with WiFi multiple access points, same SSID

Feb 12, 2021
Hi all,

I have an Eos 6D with WiFi.

I have two draytek WiFi routers/APs so in mesh mode, both with same SSID, same channel, same password. All other devices I have work regardless of which AP they connect to.

I configure my 6d to connect to WiFi which succeeds. Then turn off and back on again. Sometimes it reconnects, sometimes it fails.

When it succeeds, it is connected to the first router/AP, when it fails it is connected to the second router/AP. Actually it works when it reconnects to the same router/AP that was used when the connection was first setup.

When it has failed to connect, the second router/AP shows it connected, but the camera itself shows not connected.

Is the camera connecting to the second router/AP but seeing that the BSSID is different from the first BSSID it saw when the connection was setup and refusing to use it?

So, does cannons WiFi allow setups with multiple access points. Anyone else use canon WiFi on mesh WiFi/multiple AP's

Cheers all. Keep safe.

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Mar 25, 2011
I have multiple AP's with the same SSID around my place, actually 8 of them counting out buildings. I usually need to reconnect and enter password when moving to a different one. The camera must be looking to something specific to a AP. It might be a good idea, security is a concern among many camera users and they would not want a spoof AP that could compromise their security.
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