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Jul 14, 2018
Well worth it - I don't add personally much other value by my (lack of) technical knowledge, but I'm a regular user - so good to be able to give something back!

And gee yes it does look great without ad pop-ups.
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Sep 5, 2020
Gold Coast, Australia
Recently signed up but long time reader, so I can upgrade.

On a different note, amongst all the kerfuffle about the R5 and R6's video capabilities which I couldn't give a fat rat's clack about, I've noticed very little media attention to the outstanding shutter life ratings on the new cameras, being 300,000 for the EOS R6 and a staggering 500,000-shot shutter life for the R5. That alone means far more to me than all of the video stuff combined.
While I appreciate this is OT, considering the shutter FPS have increased, wouldn't they end up lasting about the same length of time as cameras prior? Thus, no real difference in longevity.


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Sep 4, 2020
This is a great idea and the prices are very reasonable. Thanks for continuing to run this site!!

Since PayPal is the only payment option, what happens if my PayPal account email is different from the email I used to register on CR? Will you still know to apply it to my account?


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Mar 18, 2020
I have blockers on some devices and not on others. The ads are ok.

I still signed up for the CR Pro Lifetime $50/forever because you deserve support for the work you put into this site. It has been a great place to come and get news/rumors especially the R5 and R6 rumors. During covid, I have spent more time here reading posts.



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Feb 6, 2019
Maryland, USA
I use ad-blockers, and had absolutely no idea there were any ads on this site. LoL. Kinda feel bad about that now. Anyway, I'm happy to support your efforts. Lifetime it is.
Jul 16, 2020
I'm glad that this subject came up. I don't use an ad blocker, but I do use a privacy browser. I use it for all my interactions with all internet sites. I would like to say that it is not the ads per se that are troublesome to me. It is all the bad behavior that comes along with them. if an ad were nothing more than a photo or some well-behaved static HTML on the page, ad blocker or no, the message would be seen and the world would be a happy place. But instead, what we have are ads that pop up and tell us we have won prizes, ads that play videos and sounds, ads that masquerade as news content, ads with completely inappropriate topics, etc. The contrast between my experience using say Chrome and a privacy browser is stark. Viewing sites on Chrome (just for example, not picking on that one in particular) I am literally assaulted with unscrupulous and terrible ad behavior. A privacy browser gives me a tranquil experience focused on the actual content of the site. I don't use it to nefariously get "free content" nor do I have the intent of depriving anyone of ad revenue at all. I do it only to have a peaceful experience online. Anyway, I had to throw that out there so that you understand that perspective.


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Feb 16, 2017
Vancouver, BC
Happy to support you and this site. I don't post so much these days... I've been dragged back in to a whole lot of work, so my free time dropped to almost zero... but I still read CR a lot, enjoy seeing the regulars here, and of course, appreciate the unique content, community and the effort :)

As others have said, the ask is super-reasonable and I was happy to sign up for a lifetime membership.

Thank you!

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