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Before Sunset
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Nov 30, 2019
Well better yet, make it canonrumours.com.au for several reasons,
1. Australians speak and spell English words correctly.
2. The first major leak to the world about the R5 specs was on the Canon Australia website - yes we started off as convicts so it makes sense we stole the limelight (note it's not limelite... proper spelling again).
3. As I type this down under, it is Saturday yet almost all of the world is still on Friday because we're ahead of the most of the planet so makes sense to base a site that's literally ahead of the rest.
4. Anyone can get a .com name, but to get a .com.au you have to prove you are worthy and can justify being offered that name by the Australian Internet Naming Authority meaning real street cred, more than a common as muck domain name extension offered by other countries.
5. Canon's FAVOURITE red is a well known COLOUR here, not a favorite color (what is that anyway?).
I could keep going but I'm off to centre (not center) my attention at throwing some dollars at a CR Pro membership. No offence (not offense) to any non-antipodeans; it's all meant in good humour (not humor) and not fuelling (not fueling) a debate with my northern hemisphere neighbours (not neighbors). :p

Seen from a French point of view... it was nice to read.

French people have a reputation of being "chauvinist" and defending their values and traditions in a stuburn way (arrogant way) ?
Apparently, not the only ones on Earth ! ;)

God save the Republic, God save the pride of each one for his own culture, tradition and writing.

And obviously, we will follow the next Rugby match with great enthousiasm ! :love:
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Jan 5, 2013
Paypal is it. Unless you're in Canada, you could send an EMT.
Not sure I understand the PayPal complaint. I have used them for yrs and have encountered no problems, that they couldn't fix. Anyone refusing to use PayPal, obviously doesn't buy or sell on Ebay, something that surprises me, as I frequently search for and buy used Canon gear using their auction app. Very difficult, almost impossible to purchase anything there without using PayPal. Simple, fast, trouble free transaction(s). Perhaps, the CR member posting dissatisfaction with Pay Pal can enlighten us as to why he doesn't like them. In the meantime, I use them, at least 2-3 times a week and more, including my recent Pay Pal pymt to Canon Rumors for the Lifetime Pro membership. Thks Craig, for making the Pro membership available and so easy to pay for.
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