Has Canon developed a new 21mp sensor for the Canon EOS R system? [CR1]


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Nov 16, 2015
You won't get such a DR with such a pixel pitch on a stills sensor (without multiple exposure artifacts), global shutter or not. Physically impossible with the current technology.

On a video sensor, interleaving the ISOs of the adjacent video frames, it's possible. But no "shutter speeds with flash", of course.

That makes sense! The paper did mention that the with HDR procedure, motion blur might occur, stating that it is useful for "static and slow moving objects"
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120fps? How long does it take to fill up a 2TB CFexpress card?
I can give you a funny story. Back when I first got my BMPCC 6K I went to shoot a sun set time lapse, but when I got to the beach it was so bright I couldnt see any thing on the screen even with the lens hood and the monitor cranked so I pressed what I thought was my 6K every 4 sec preset. What it turned out to be was my 2.8K @120fps preset. It ran for almost 4 hours with out me noticing and finished filling my 1TB T5 about 4mins before I intendd to stop but we were well into blue hour so it was fine. I didn't notice until I got it home. I was able to drag it into resolve and render it down to the speed that I intended. Took a couple of hours to render though.
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Feb 26, 2017
I thought it obvious I was making up numbers - the point being that increasing frame rate requires increasing processing from the chips supporting the sensor. Is that incorrect?
partially correct. My point is thought that throughput has increased to the point where 100Mp sensor at 9 FPS is no longer an issue. In your original post you said: 20Mp tech in camera is like 3,.5Ghz in computers.

I explained that 20Mp is no longer a limitation from a throughput point of view.

larger files in a High Megapixel camera can be an issue when too many and and too large.
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