Here are more images of the Canon EOS R5

It appears that it's missing the new optical sensor on the AF-ON button, so the R5 is perhaps not the premium mirrorless it's rumoured to be?

I was just going to ask if I was the only one who noticed. Perhaps they're taking a much more conservative route with the control layout given the amount of flack the R got with the Mfn bar. Still, the optical sensor in the 1DX III AF button seems like a really elegant solution to the problem of navigating across a full sensor-width of AF points.

Using the screen works well, but it's un-endingly annoying when your nose moves the AF point for you...
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Love, joy, and peace to all of good will.
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Jan 28, 2015
The Ozarks only Pro's could afford it.
Pro does not = well to do. I don’t know any well heeled photographers that do it for a living. Not a one. All the guys I know that have money to burn on gear do something else for a living. I know about 4 pros. They are as frugal as they can be when it comes to purchasing and tend to not have the latest.
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Seriously, it looks perfect. I hope that the "mode" Dial isnt to small to move. On the Sonys I find the upper dials a bit to small for a comfortable usage.
A dedicated Mode dial on the left shoulder would be a better option in my opinion. Instead of this silly waste of a space they implemented with the on/off dial. I think the perfect place for the on/off dial is around the shutter. And a third push to activate the light.

But overall it looks super close to perfect :)

If the rumoured specs are true and there is no major fuckup like missing DPAF in 4k or crazy rolling shutter like on the 5D, than this is in my opinion the PERFECT camera. I dont see ANYTHING missing or wrong. Its incredible versatile and covers ANY kind of photography - from event, to landscape, to products and even high end sports. I think pretty much any price would be okay, even up to 6k like the 1D. Overall it looks even more powerfull than the 1D in my opinion (which became more and more a SUPER specialized tool). With the insane speed, the 5D could even replace the 1D for most sports photographers (unless you truely need the LAN port. Though this could be replaced with USB-C to LAN adapters - at least theoreticaly).
With the giant EF Lense selection and the Adapter with internal ND Filter its a VERY promising camera, even for video :)

Lots of assumptions being made here... What if the sensor doesn't even use DPAF, for example? There's so much we don't know—I wouldn't get your hopes up too high before we get it in our hands.
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R6 x2 (work) + 5D Classic (fun)
Aug 31, 2018
It would be perfect if Canon produce a grip that's about half the size of normal grip, and use fixed li-ion battery pack. EOS R's grip is pretty much the same size as the camera which is not good!


I strongly disagree. The purpose of the grip is to make the camera larger and handle similarly regardless of how it's oriented.
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But will it finally have a RAW histogram? I hope, but doubt it.

I use it so much with MagicLantern that it will be very sad to miss. And no, I don't find exposure simulation and a histogram based on a developed/processed interpretation anywhere near a replacement for a proper RAW histogram for knowing exactly where clipping point is.
That would be nice... I had a Sony briefly—zebra's would also be nice for seeing where the clipping points are. Seems like a no brainer feature to steal...
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  • Joystick - check
  • Sensible, historically standardized layout of buttons - check
  • Flip screen - check
  • Nicely sized grip - check
  • Dual scroll wheels - check
  • Lock button - check
  • Settings screen - check
I'm sold. Take my money.
*triple scroll wheels ("mode" dial can function as a control wheel)
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Looking at this...are they going to be able to get an arca Swiss L-bracket for this thing?

side for all the connectors....wondering how they'll manage a bracket over that while still allowing access...looks more dense what connections that say, the 5D3....

Like every other camera? Usually (except in the case with the EOS R :mad:) the L portion of L-brackets will slide in and out to accommodate the connectors.
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It's lovely!! But!!!
Makes me crazy the lack of buttons for exchange ISO, Drive, White balance, flash...makes it so difficult, I love the R but I can't go fast between the configuration as I need only with the button M-fn.
I'm guessing you'll be able to assign one of the control dials to ISO, maybe even WB. I don't know about you but I would rather have a physical dial over a fiddly touchpad that is easily activated. I can't wait to have THREE control dials so I can set my camera up to control aperture, shutter speed, and ISO on dedicated dials. But to your point, it would be nice to have a few other Cf buttons to directly access things like drive mode.
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Aug 13, 2016
Looks like every aspect of this product has been redesigned. Smooth clean lines, well thought out placement. I am confident that what will be delivered will be well received. I am sure there will be some Debbie Downers, as I encountered them early this morning when i released my Youtube video on this, but most of us see a refocused Canon that is delivering capabilities and outcomes that are strategically aligned. The cripple hammer appears to be hibernating. Let it sleep for some time, ret cripple hammer.

Love your channel. I wish more photographers and videographers did more shooting than complaining.
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Feb 6, 2019
You really only read complaints like this about the R battery grip from people who have never used it. It's perfect.
you think that the EOS R grip is innovative, different than 5D or 7D grips? The R, 5D, and 7D uses LP-E6 and grip w/ a battery tray (for LP-e6) which have the exact design platform. The two batteries make the grips unatural when rotating from landscape to portrait; this is not an issue for 1D series because the two sides of the grip are the same.

But who's complaining about the EOS R? The EOS R was brought up as talking point for the R5.
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Feb 6, 2019
This layout looks pretty disappointing, I wish it would have the 5 d layout but with a Sony style tilt screen.
It is pretty much the same conceptual layout design as the 5D:

1. joystick - exist; improved location
2. AF-on - improved location
3. dial wheel - exist
4. programmable button between grip and lens mount - exist
5. two cards; CF and SD types
6. even the shutter button looks exactly like the 5D (R and RP does not)

I prefer the screen is fixed because I don't like moving parts, risk to failure.
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