M6 Mk II 14fps frame-rate/AF question


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Dec 26, 2015
Turku, Finland
Which rather suggests that it isn't AFing between frames at 14fps.

It does not suggest that. It's just what it says: the camera tries to shoot as fast as possible, telling the lens to adjust focus but not necessarily waiting for the lens to actually be "there" yet. Servo AF has never been about "being there" anyway, it's about trying to predict what the subject distance will be when the exposure starts. It's emphatically not "just like One Shot but between every frame." On DSLRs you can select "release priority" over "focus priority" which is pretty much the same thing except that the "focus priority" FPS is not fixed at any particular number and can indeed vary quite a bit as you shoot, depending on how difficult the subject is to track.
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Feb 8, 2014
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Thanks, all.

To be honest, I'm generally going to be fine with H (7 fps) mode: I was hoping that the H+ mode would come into its own shooting motor sport, but I think I'll likely stick to H mode for that and bird/wildlife photography unless there's a specific need for a higher frame rate.
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