Multiple mentions put the Canon EOS R3 sensor resolution “around 24mp”

From the EXIF it looks like 24MP, bit disappointed to be honest, was hoping for closer to 30MP, I might have just bought one if it had! Canon just don't put big MP sensors in pro spec bodies anymore, because apparently it's only sport shooters that use them?
could you please link to pictures with such exif data ?
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Too deep in Canon to list! :o
Jun 13, 2015
BTW, if those 24MP images by Al Bello, Getty staff photog, are indeed taken with the R3, then you can really see him putting the 30 fps stacked sensor to work. Great images, truly freezing moments in time with those swimmers.

Bello is a good fotog for sure, but Nick Didlick is actually producing more images of note than Al is.
Nick is a Sony ambassador now, so that won't help much with camera data, but as fotogs go, Nick is a bigger sports power house and has been for decades.
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